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GHS is the Pharmacy Benefits Services Administrator (PBSA) for the State of Maine. Since 1974, we have processed pharmaceutical claims for the State. In 1995, we implemented an electronic pharmacy Point of Sale (POS) claims adjudication system (MEPOP) for Maine’s Medicaid pharmacy program.

The services we now provide as part of the MEPOP contract include:

  • Pharmacy POS claims adjudication;
  • Pharmacy Prior Authorization;
  • Preferred Drug List maintenance;
  • Drug rebate assistance;
  • Intensive Benefits Management;
  • Pain Management;
  • Maine Medicare Part-D;
  • Maine Low Cost Drugs for the Elderly and Disabled;
  • Maine/RX; and
  • Pharmacy/Prescriber help desk.

Other contracts managed for the State of Maine include:

  • Maine Tobacco Cessation Program
  • AIDS Drug Assistance Program and Tuberculosis Program (ADAP/TB)
  • Scanning, Imaging and Paper Reduction (SIPR) for MMIS (HCFA, UB, ADA claims & mailroom services)
  • MaineCare Medical PA Processing (as a subcontractor to the State’s MMIS vendor)
  • Long-Term Care Community Assessment Program
  • MaineCare Katie Beckett Assessment Program
  • Maine is a member of the Sovereign States Drug Consortium, the multi-state drug rebate pooling program.

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